Here are a few facts from
Odd Science: Amazing Inventions…


Floating space junk can be dangerous and hard to pick up. Scientists in the USA have based their latest rubbish-collecting robot on the humble gecko. The gecko’s feet are covered in thousands of tiny hairs that allow it to stick onto walls. The robot has coated pads that mimic these hairs, allowing it to grab junk that is orbiting the Earth.


Scientists have developed bionic eye implants. The technology is designed to work with the brain to help blind people see again.


To help find a cure for diseases in cats, scientists injected animals with a fluorescent green protein. When the team shone a light on the cats, any cells that had altered began to glow in the dark.


After studying the way the female mosquito extracts blood from its victims, engineers in Japan and India have created a medical needle that would make injections almost painless.


Synthetic spider silk has even been used to make trainers! The shoes are light, super-strong and able to composted when you are finished with them, rather than thrown into landfill.